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Our flagship Middleware Management software - Infrared360 - and why we are different than any other solutions in the market!
Our customers say we are the "best kept secret in the industry" and "IR360 has saved my bacon... more than once!"

IR360 lets you know there is a problem before it is a problem...
Secure - Avada does not see/touch/host client data. IR360 is a portal which is installed behind your firewall/DMZ.
100% clientless - allows you to enable 1000's of end-users with no installs on devices and monitor your edge (i.e. DataPower)
Delegated Administration - people can only see/do/touch/change what you allow them to.
True Real-Time™ monitoring - not based on thresholds or averages.
Certificate Management
Infrared360 supports: IBM MQ, IBM IIB/ACE, (z/OS, i-Series, NSK) IBM Data Power, Apache Kafka, Web Services, Tomcat/WAS/JBoss, TibcoEMS...

We can also chat about your last vacation, your hobbies, non-profits, the weather, tennis...    :)

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