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Keith O. Sanders

Japan External Trade Organization
Assistant Director Business Development
Houston, TX
Japan offers a lot to companies looking to stake a claim in the world’s third largest economy. Japan enjoys political and economic stability; cutting-edge private and public research institutions; strong IP protection, and highly developed transportation and communications infrastructures.

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a nonprofit government agency funded by the Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry. JETRO promotes trade and investment between Japan and other countries. JETRO assist U.S. companies in successfully establishing a presence in Japan – e.g. opening a branch office – by providing a variety of business development resources: incubator space in Tokyo and 5 other Japanese cities; consultation with legal, tax, HR, and technology experts, participation in the Japan Business Partner Matching Program, and more at no cost.

Japanese companies are looking overseas for goods and services in advanced technology sectors such as: IT, 3D printing, life sciences, renewable energy, and others.

Setting up business in Japan? Talk to JETRO first!